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    Although Madrid is known for being a bustling and fast-paced city, it also stands out for the family-friendly atmosphere and activities that can be enjoyed with the little ones.

    In this post, you will discover what to do with kids in the capital. Keep reading.

    Exploring Madrid with the little ones


    Immerse yourself in a world full of art, history, and fun, where the little ones can learn while enjoying unforgettable experiences.

    The Magic of Museums


    We can highlight some museums that are especially appealing to children and adults alike. The Natural History Museum, which houses more than six million artifacts related to the history of the Earth and its inhabitants, such as stuffed animals, coins, objects, minerals, and plants. Children will learn history in a dynamic and fun way.

    Another museum that kids will love is the Mouse Perez Museum at Calle del Arenal, 8, 1st floor. This place is a magical spot to visit with the whole family to meet Madrid’s most famous mouse, whom all children eagerly await when they lose a baby tooth.

    A different and curious museum to visit is the Railway Museum. Many children have a great fascination for trains, so in this museum, they can see a wide variety of old and modern trains.

    Explore Madrid’s Parks


    In addition to museums, Madrid boasts a multitude of parks where you can engage in family activities.

    The most iconic park in the city center is El Retiro. It covers 18 hectares of land and houses beautiful monuments such as the Crystal Palace, the Fountain of the Fallen Angel, and the Monument to Alfonso XII. But we know that’s not of much interest to the little ones.

    What kids might enjoy about visiting the park is taking a leisurely stroll on foot or renting a bike. They also have the option to rent a rowboat on the park’s lake. After all, what child wouldn’t love to feel like a pirate on a boat in the middle of the sea?

    Additionally, in this vast park, at the beginning of summer from June to September, the Puppet Theater of El Retiro organizes a festival that the little ones will absolutely love.

    Exciting Shows for Kids in Madrid


    Furthermore, there are performances every weekend throughout the year, with morning shows in winter, and afternoon shows in the summer season.

    If we talk about special times for the little ones in Madrid, Christmas in the capital is the best. In the city, you can visit several events that the whole family can enjoy together: the Cortylandia show, the Naturaleza Encendida event at the Royal Botanical Garden, and the famous Three Kings Parade.

    But it’s not just during Christmas that there are special events. In the month of November, cultural spaces in various parts of the city, such as Cineteca, Cine Paz Conde Duque, or Cines Verdi, host the “Mi Primer Festival de Cine” (My First Film Festival), a cinematic event designed for children aged 2 to 12.

    Amusement Parks for Family Fun


    All the plans we’ve mentioned so far are in the city center. However, on the outskirts of Madrid, you can also find places and attractions to visit with the little ones.

    The options that are likely to be most appealing to both kids and adults are the amusement parks. Who doesn’t love spending the day riding roller coasters and having a blast with the family?

    The most well-known amusement parks are Parque Warner and Parque de Atracciones. The latter is the closest to the city center and can be reached by metro, getting off at Batán station without the need for a car to get there.

    A Wild Day at the Zoo


    If your children are most fond of animals, allow us to recommend two places for them to enjoy to the fullest.

    Firstly, there’s the Madrid Zoo, which is accessible by metro at the Casa de Campo station. Here, children can have a day surrounded by animals of all kinds.

    Secondly, there’s Faunia, which is a bit farther from the capital. In this animal-filled park, besides enjoying the animals, children can have experiences that allow them to get up close with their favorite animals: penguins, sea lions, monkeys, and even crocodiles.

    Madrid in Miniature

    As a unique place, we can highlight Micropolix. You may be wondering what it is and why the little ones in the family will love it. Well, it’s a miniature city!

    In this mini-city, kids can experience life as adults. They can get their dream job, obtain a driver’s license for a car or motorcycle, become airplane pilots, go grocery shopping, and more. It will be an unforgettable experience for them.

    After all these fantastic plans, the youngest member of the family will likely end up exhausted and falling asleep in the corners. So, what better plan for the end of the day than to rest at any of the Woohoo accommodations where the whole family can recharge their batteries to continue enjoying the capital the next day.

    Madrid is ours, and we are the perfect travel companion on your next visit to Madrid.

    Experience the Woohoo life!!!!

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